IS Portuguese Jewellery Heritage

IS fine jewellery


"Our brand IS a love story, a lifelong passion for jewellery, art and elegance all together."

Jewellery is art that you can wear. It carries a message, it tells the world something about you. Just a little something, not everything. For me, mystery is an essential feature in a jewel. The creations I love the most are the ones that intrigue me, that create butterflies inside me, an inexplicable fascination that makes me want to stand in front of them all day admiring their beauty. I believe that the individual interpretation of a jewel is what makes it unique, each woman will see it in a different way, in their unique way. Uniqueness through diversity.

I hope you fall in love with my creations and when you wear them, I want you to feel their authenticity, your uniqueness. 

Elegance is Timeless, so is our Jewellery.