IS Certificate of Quality

Our Jewellery is made of Gold Vermeil which consists of a solid 925 sterling silver core covered by a 2.5 micron layer of 18K solid gold. This technique allows us to create high quality and durable jewellery pieces which are above the industry standard for gold plated items. 

Our jewellery is manufactured in Portugal, meeting all the quality requirements set by the Responsible Jewellery Council and certified by the Portuguese INCM - Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office.

The Assay Offices of INCM ensure the authenticity of the precious metal through the verification of the legal touch of the jewellery piece, applying therefore their mark next to the manufacturer mark.

The Hallmark is mandatory on all pieces with a weight above 2 grams. As such, after being manufactured, the majority of our creations are submitted to the Assay Office to receive the Certification Hallmark so they can therefore be commercialized.

 IS Fine Jewellery_Quality